Your coil is an important part of your vaping experience. It can determine flavour and vapour and enhance your vape. This is the component of your vape device that creates the vapour. It contains a thin wire and wicking material. This material absorbs the e-juice, heats it and produces vapor.

There are lots of different coils with varied resistance or wicking material to choose from and you can even build your own. Some provide more intense flavour, whereas others can give you huge clouds. Trying different coils can help to enhance and tailor your vape experience, allowing you to get exactly what you want from it.  

You will need to replace your coil every 2-3 weeks. You might get a little longer out of it if you make sure you keep it clean and don’t take dry hits. However, coils burn out eventually and you’ll know about it. If your juice doesn’t taste right, or if there is a burning smell to your vape then chances are you need to replace your coil. You can buy coils at Vaperun and have them delivered to you the very same day. No need to wait too long for a replacement, trust us you won’t want to vape a burnt coil tastes grim.


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