How do I use Vaperun?

Head over to the homepage of the Vaperun website and enter your postcode. If same day delivery is available in your area then you will be able to browse the website and shop.

How do I place my order?

Add items to your cart. Once you have finished shopping click on the shopping trolly icon to review your basket. Add in your billing details, your shipping details if they are different and payment info. It is on this screen where you select the time slot you are after. Choose either between 3-5pm today, 5-8:30pm today or 3-5pm tomorrow and 5-8:30pm tomorrow. You can add any special requests here too, such as can you have your device setup and ready to go, or any instructions on how to find you.

Checkout and you’re done.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay via credit or debit card using SagePay, Paypal, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What time slots are available to me?

Order by 2:30pm for an earlier time slot, or before 4pm for a later one that same day. Time slots available are:

3-5pm today

5-8:30pm today

3-5pm tomorrow

5-8:30pm tomorrow

I’ve forgotten my password

If you forget your password just go to the login screen by clicking on the icon of the person. Then select “I forgot” where you will be directed on how to update your password.

How do I become a rider?

If you are interested in becoming a rider the best thing to do is email us or call on 01227 634090.

How much does shipping cost?

Same day shipping is £4.99 for orders under £59. Order over £59 and your delivery is free.

What to do if your rider is late

If your rider is late then go to our 24 hour live chat to discuss. Or alternatively you can call us on 01227 634090. We will then be able to look into your order and give you an update.

My item is damaged

We’re sorry that your item is damaged. Best thing to do is to take a photo and send it to our live chat. We will then be able to get to the bottom of it for you.

Do I need to sign for my order?

No, you do not need to sign for your order. However, if the premises is not occupied or doesn’t look to be, then we reserve the right to cancel the order. If you are having your products delivered to work then you will need to let us know a delivery point, such as a floor number. This will avoid your order getting lost in the space.

What does ‘pre-set my vape kit’ mean?

We offer an option where we can partially charge batteries, fill up the tank, set the power setting and prime the coils. This means that it will be ready to use when you get it through the door. The packaging will be open when you receive it and the vape kit up and running. If you want to set it up yourself then you need to make sure that this option remains unchecked.

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