Refillable Juul Pods – OVNS Pods – Not Official



Refillable Juul Pods are not something that Juul has produced officially. However, OVNS have their own system that works seamlessly with the Juul vape kit. This means, rather than limit yourself to the small Juul vape juice range, you can now pick from the world of eliquid.

The OVNS pods are made with a ceramic wick system. This means they offer a better taste and experience than conventional cotton pods. With a 0.7ml capacity they offer the same storage as a Juul, but can be refilled many times. This is both environmentally and pocket friendly.

What comes in a pack?

In the pack comes 3 refillable OVNS pods with 0.7ml capacity. The pods operate at 1.5 ohm resistance. This means they work optimally with mouth to lung vape juices. If you want guidance on picking the right nicotine strength for your eliquid then check out this post here.

What eliquids can I use with the OVNS refillable pods?

You can use any eliquid with a PG VG level of 50/50 or higher PG. Eliquids with a VG content of 60% or more can be a little thick for pod vapes.

What is a Ceramic Wick?

The OVNS refillable Juul pods use this style of eliquid absorption. This offers better flavour and lasts longer before replacing. Why is that? Well ceramics can run to far higher temperatures than mere cotton. Which means they are less likely to overheat and burn. This ensures a more even flavour and enhanced durability. So, ceramic wicks = winning combination for vaping.