Same day vape delivery

Same day vape delivery Kent or Sameday?

Same day vape delivery in Kent?

Same day vape delivery in Kent is now available in a number of postcodes with Vaperun. Vaperun aims to deliver not just quickly but with customer service that has yet been seen with vaping e-commerce. Our goal as a business is to offer sameday delivery of eliquids across the UK, and we are beginning this rollout alongside our Vape and Juice partners.

With a store coverage of 30 locations, including Whitstable, Margate and Canterbury; Vaperun can reach over 300,000 people in Kent same day. We have new locations coming on board in 2019 that bring the Weald region in also. Offering expedited delivery where it is not currently available and broadening our reach.

How does Vaperun same day vape delivery work?

Vaperun offers two daily slots in metropolitan areas and a single evening slot in out of town communities. Orders placed before 4pm, can be received by 8:30pm. On our platform, you can select whether you wish for evening delivery or next day vape delivery if you prefer. But we don’t just offer quick dispatch. Vaperun runs a live webchat that is managed by expert vapers, who understand the products. All of our web chat operators are vapers or have been. Making navigating the terrain as a new vaper, that bit easier.

We want to make sure that customers get exactly the right product for them. Too often, online sites don’t offer the customer service that a bricks and mortar store can deliver. Vaperun is the change to this. Our team can not just offer your the right guidance, but when you come to check out, you can even ask us to set it up for you. That’s right, coil ready, bit of charge in the battery and your tank filled up.

How can Vaperun do this?

Simply really. When you order from one of the big online marketplaces, your goods are tossed about and left in transit over night – at least overnight. That means if a tank was filled up, it may crack, or leak out. Moreover, because of the quantity of items shipped, it’s just not practical for those businesses, to do this. Plus, they don’t have the expertise on the micro scale. A big fulfillment centre deals with thousands of different products from different industries. Their business is as about low service expertise and bulk sales. All of our vape partners, have teams of staff who are passionate about this business and so an expert is never far away.

This service is useful for you too, if you even want us to add your nic shot for you. Just ask if you would like us to pre add the nic shot for your shortfill at the checkout box.

So, thats Vaperun in a nutshell, give us a go and start getting your eliquids from the same day vape delivery company.


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