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Can I take my vape through the airport?

Are you new to vaping and going on holiday? You are right to ask ‘can I take my vape through the airport?’ before you travel. The last thing you’d want is for it to be taken off of you. Leading you to light up the other side.

You can take your vape through the airport but you need to make sure that you do it properly. Here are some tips for getting your vape device through the airport and out the otherwise to your holiday destination.

Keep your vape in your carry on baggage

Your vape devices are strictly prohibited in your hold baggage. You need to make sure you keep it in your carry on bag and make it visible to staff.

Travel with TPD compliant liquids

You will not be able to have any e-liquids over 100ml in your carry on. You need to make sure you pack the e-juice into the clear bags, just like you do with your toiletries and other liquids.

Pack your batteries and electronics on top

Just as you do with your laptop and Kindle. Make sure your batteries and or vape kit is on top with the rest of your electronic items. 

If the worst does happen and your vape is confiscated then make sure you have come prepared. Bring with you a self addressed envelope with a stamp attached so they can mail it back to you if the worst happens. Also make sure your vape has battery in it so you can demonstrate turning it on and off if you are asked.

Can I take my vape through the airport in other countries?

This is what you need to check. Vaping is widely accepted here in the UK, however there are some countries where vaping is banned. These countries include Singapore. Customs have an absolute ban on bringing vapes in the country, even if you promise not to use it. If you’re heading there then you might want to think twice about bringing your best with you. Always check before you travel. Trip advisor forums share lots of stories of how people got on bringing their vape to different countries.

Can you vape on the plane

No. You cannot vape on the plane. The majority of airlines say you can carry them onboard, such as Ryanair, EasyJet, Virgin, Aer Lingus, however you are prohibited to use them aboard the flight. Don’t even sneak off for a sly vape in the loo. It isn’t worth the risk of the fine for a few hours vape free. 

Always check with the airport where you are traveling. Don’t take any chances of having your vape confiscated and being unprepared for it.

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