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Does Vaping Have Nicotine In?

As someone just starting to think about vaping and quitting smoking you might be wanting to still get your fix of nicotine. Nicotine withdrawal can leave you feeling groggy, hungry, unable to sleep and even constipated. You will probably want to gradually come off nicotine. In which case you may be wondering, does vaping have nicotine in it?

Does vaping have nicotine in it?

Vape juice is made up of predominantly PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerine). Then you will find flavourings and nicotine if required. There are regulations over how much nicotine you can have in an e-liquid. Currently, the highest nicotine content is 18mg. However, you can up this if you use nic salts which have a higher content.

Do I have to have nicotine in my vape?

You do not have to buy e-liquid with nicotine in it. This allows you to keep up the act of smoking without having nicotine. Quitters tend to start with a dose of nicotine and then gradually reduce over time. You may start at 18mg, then decrease to 12mg, then 6mg to 3mg and then finally 0mg. Even on zero nicotine, you can enjoy the flavours, culture and habit of vaping.

How much nicotine do I need?

How much nicotine do I need in my vape is a common question that we are asked by soon to be ex-smokers. You don’t want to go too low so you crave a cigarette or storm through your juice. However, you also don’t want to go too high as this might leave you feeling a little sick and dizzy.

As a guide, we suggest you work out the mg you need based on how much you currently smoke.

18mg – 20 cigs a day
10-12mg – 10 cigs a day
3-6mg – Less than 10 cigs a day
0mg – 0 cigs a day

Why don’t the big bottles contain nicotine?

The bottles over 10ml will not contain nicotine. E-liquids such as The Big Zero or Doozy Vape have the option to add a nic shot ready for vaping. This means you can buy a bigger 50-100ml e-liquid and add the required amount of nicotine using a nic shot bought separately.

Where can I buy decent e-liquid?

If you want to quit smoking right now, then you can order from Vaperun and have it delivered the same day. Make sure you are in a designated area that delivers the same day using our website. Once you have found you are within the area you can then start to shop for vape products. Order by 2:30 pm for an earlier slot, or 4 pm for one later in the day. You will have your device and nicotine e-liquid ready to go and you can start vaping.

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