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Does Vaping Stain Walls?

Tobacco smoke stains. Fingers, teeth, beards and walls will start to get a yellow tinge from years, or even weeks, of smoking. With vaping producing a cloud as cigarettes do, you might be wondering does vaping stain walls, teeth and fingers too?

Why does smoking leave a yellow stain?

The reason for the yellow stain on walls is due to the tar in the cigarettes. Stains on teeth can appear after just a few weeks of smoking. The stains on the walls might take a little longer to show and you might not notice the gradual change. However, as soon as you move a picture from the wall, or decide to redecorate you will see how bad it has become. 

Will vaping stain walls yellow?

Vape e-liquid does not contain tar. In e-cigarettes, you will find PG, VG, flavourings and nicotine if required. These substances found in vaping will not stain walls. This would allow you the freedom to vape indoors, providing your family members don’t mind. You can rest assured though you won’t need to redecorate every two years.

Will vaping make the house smell?

Yes and no. It will make it smell like strawberries or pancakes or whatever you have in your tank. However, the smell won’t cling to your clothes or the walls and it won’t be unpleasant and nothing like stale smoke. Stale tobacco clings to fabrics, wallpaper, clothing and even skin. This is because the toxins and chemicals in the smoke trap the odour. Certain fabrics really lock it in, such as leather.

Will vaping stain the walls or damage them?

When you are blowing billows of clouds in your living room the vapour will sit on surfaces. It can bind with dust and collect on the walls. However, this residue is colourless and very easy to wipe away. We vape indoors and have never noticed this, although it could depend on how much you vape and how much you ventilate the room.  This residue can sometimes be seen on car windows if you vape while you drive.

Vaping indoors should not require you to have to spend Saturday scrubbing ceilings or weekends painting the walls. If you are worried about vaping residue then keep a window open if you do choose to vape indoors. Want to know if vaping is safer than smoking?

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