Common Vape and CBD Questions

Is it okay to vape and smoke?

If you are trying to quit smoking then you may be wondering is it ok to vape and smoke while you try to ditch the fags forever.

We know that lots of smokers who have successfully quit smoking by gradually reducing their cigarettes and increasing vaping. If you have been smoking for years then you might be dubious as to whether an electronic device can help you to quit. You might find that cigarettes have become such a part of your life that you are not ready to 100% leave them right away.

That’s fine. In answer to ‘is it okay to vape and smoke’, yes. It is. 

We have had customers who just took their vape to work and left the cigs at home. Customers who still had their morning cigarette until they didn’t want it anymore. 

The only thing to watch if you are vaping and smoking is your nicotine intake. Having too much nicotine can make you feel sick or leave you with a nasty headache. Make sure you aren’t vaping and smoking more than you would usually. Instead replace a cigarette with a go on your vape. Switch out one of your fag breaks for a vape break. Keep doing this until you don’t feel like you want a smoke, you don’t want the taste, the smell or the breath. 

Will vaping help me quit smoking?

Vaping is 95% safer than smoking and will help you quit smoking. However, you need the right kit for your needs. If you have been smoking 40 a day for 20 years then you will want to make sure you get a decent device and e-liquid with a high nicotine content. With a petrol station vape and a low quality juice you’ll find yourself frustrated and back on the fags. 

We have helped 1000s of people successfully quit smoking using vaping. Vaping allows you to keep up the act of smoking without the cancer causing chemicals found in cigarettes. It also smells a hell of a lot better too! 

How do I know vaping is for me

If you are not sure whether vaping is for you then go to a vape shop to try it out. You can get good advice, tips and try the products. In store you can see how they feel in your hands, your lungs and your pocket. You will also be able to give some different flavours and strengths a go to see what might suit you best. Head to a Vape and Juice store to give it a go. Click here to see the locations.

Remember it is okay to vape and smoke while you move away from the cigarettes. You may as well give it a try!

Cant get to the store, order a vape device from Vape Run. Read the reviews, watch videos and give it a go.

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