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How to pick nicotine strength

Picking the right nicotine strength is just as important as selecting the right device. To quit smoking successfully using vaping as an aid you need two things.

1. A decent device that suits your needs and style.

2. The right strength nicotine.

Getting either of these wrong could set you off on a bad foot with vaping, leading you straight back to the ciggies.

How to pick your nicotine strength is one of our most asked questions, and up there with the Google questions too.

What should you go for?

We know entering the world of vaping can be quite daunting. With lots of devices doing different things, juices of literally 1000s of flavours. Then there is your PG and VG rations. Finally, your nicotine strength.

In this blog we are going to tell you how to pick your nicotine strength so that you are satisfying your craving effectively. 

As a guide we recommend that you select the nicotine level based on how many cigs you were smoking each day.

18mg – 20 cigs a day 

10-12mg – 10 cigs a day

3-6mg – Less that 10 cigs a day

0mg – 0 cigs a day

However, there are also Nic salts to consider. Nic salts are best used in POD systems. They’re the little devices, such as the aspire breeze. Nic salts allow you to have 20mg nicotine. This means that you will satisfy your craving in just a few puffs. Perfect for you if you are unable to take vape breaks often, or if you want something a little more discrete to help you quit. 

When do you reduce your strength?

If you vape a nicotine level that is higher than you are used to then you might find you feel a little sick or lightheaded. It is always best to start low and increase if it isn’t satisfying your craving and you’re finding you are draining your vape before you scratch the itch. 

When and if you decide to reduce your nicotine level then you also do this over time. You can move from a 18mg right down to a 0mg, removing your nicotine dependance gradually.

If you are unsure which nicotine strength to go for and are not close to a store to try it out, then order a few different options. Bear in mind that high nicotine content can feel a little scratchier on the throat, less smooth than say a 3mg. However, that throat hit is something that replicates smoking and may help you on your journey to quit the fags.

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