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Why does my throat burn when I vape?

Something like a burning throat might put you right off vaping. However, it shouldn’t. Vaping isn’t meant to burn your throat so chances are you just need to make a few adjustments. Once you have made the changes your throat should no longer burn and you’ll be able to enjoy vaping.

Why does vaping cause my throat to burn?

There are a few reasons why you might have the throat on fire feeling after taking a drag. These include:

  • A closed or narrow airflow
  • An unprimed coil
  • An e-liquid too high in PG
  • The nicotine level is too high
  • Allergies

How do you overcome these throat burning causes?

Open your airflow

Air flow helps you to enhance and adjust the flavour of your e-juice. However, if the draw is too tight or in fact closed completely you will get a burn sensation in your throat from vaping. In this video review of the X30 Rover, Matt demonstrates exactly what that is like (skip ahead to 5 minutes 32 seconds).

Prime your coil

When you install a new coil you must make sure that the cotton is fully saturated before you take a puff. I know you want to get vaping right away but take a dry hit and 1, it will taste gross and 2, it will burn out your coil before you’ve even used it. Once you have installed the coil, top the tank up with juice and leave it to sit for a while.

Check your e-liquid

If you use a basic device then chances are it is recommended that you use a higher PG liquid. PG is harsher on the throat. If you really find that the vape burns your throat with a PG liquid then try a higher VG juice. We have a great range of high VG liquids that we deliver the very same day.

Reduce your nicotine level

Nicotine can feel a little scratchy on the throat. If it is causing too much discomfort then why not try reducing your nicotine level.


If none of the above seems to give you any relief and still leave your throat burning then it might be down to an allergy. Stop vaping until you get to the bottom of the issue.

If you asking why does vaping cause my throat to burn then you need to try these solutions. If it is still causing you trouble and you think it is down to the kit you have then you might consider a new vape device. We can have it assembled and delivered to you the same day.

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