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What is vapour tongue?

You’ve probably heard of popcorn lung and wet lung which some people associate with vaping due to sensationalist news- but what about vapour tongue? Is it dangerous, what is it and can it be prevented? We answer your questions about this topic.

Vapour Tongue Symptoms

  • Vape flavour doesn’t taste of anything
  • Dry mouth and increased thirst

Is vapour tongue dangerous

No. It is not an illness or anything like that. It is simply when a vaper stops being able to taste the vape juice they have loved for months. More than anything, it’s annoying. When you’ve got your favourite flavour in your tank you want to be able to taste it, otherwise, it feels like a waste.

How to prevent vapour tongue

Thankfully there are a few ways in which you can avoid getting vapour tongue and some ways to fix it.

Change your flavour

We know what it’s like. You get your favourite flavour and it is hard to move away from it. However, when you don’t mix it up you may risk vapour tongue. If you usually love menthol fruit then switch to something sweet and dessert like to really give your tastebuds a shake-up. Check out our e-liquid flavours which we deliver the very same day.

Drink water

Not drinking enough water can be one of the causes of vapour tongue. Make sure you are taking on enough fluids to prevent a dry mouth too.

Sniff coffee beans

Stay with us on this one. It is what all the top perfumers do to “refresh their pallet”. Certainly worth a try!

If all of those fail then give it a few days. Your body will recover your taste and smell receptors and you’ll be good to go again. We know that having a dry mouth and lessened sense of taste is annoying, so take precautions to avoid vapour tongue. Switch your flavours, drink lots of water and if you’re still stuck enjoy the whiff of coffee beans!


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