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Why does my vape leak?

Urgh. There is nothing worse. Pulling out your vape only to find that you’ve got a sticky device, a soggy pocket and you stink of strawberry e-liquid. Kitchen roll at the ready, you’ve had another vape leak.

Leaky vape is the worst.

But why does my vape leak?

There are a number of reasons why your vape might leak. Here is what you should do if you are constantly have leaks and spills.

Use the right e-juice

Your e-juice will have a ration of PG/VG. PG juices are thinner than high VG juice, which can cause them to leak a little more. Make sure you are using the right e-juice for your tank and kit. Check out e-juices from Vape and Juice here.

Check for any cracks

Possibly an obvious one to look for when asking why does my vape leak. Check your tank for any tiny cracks. It wont take a huge crack to leak out e-juice. If you do have a crack or smash in your tank then get one ordered ASAP as you’ll be wasting valuable juice. Tape it up in the meantime while you wait for your new glass to arrive.

Tighten it up

Make sure everything is on nice and tight. This is a common reason that leads people to ask us why does my vape leak. We tighten up the device parts and the coil. We check it isn’t cross threaded, leaving a gap for leaking juice. Make sure you have done this.

Fill the tank properly

You might feel tempted to fill up your device to its fullest capacity, however this can cause it to overflow from the top fill hole. Find the ideal level for your device. But remember, don’t be too tight on the juice or you’re going to get a burnt out coil and a horrible dry hit.

Don’t travel with a full tank

If you are off on a long journey, whether that is in a car, train or plane, make sure you travel with an empty tank. Or if you’re vaping while you drive then keep the device upright. This can help prevent a vape leak. You usually can’t vape on planes or trains anyway so best to keep your tank empty.

If you have tried all of this and still have a vape leak then it might be that you have a faulty device. Either take it back to where you brought it, or find yourself a new one. We have a large range of vape devices available for delivery same day. View them here.

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