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The story of Vaperun | the same day vape shop

Hi, I’m David, the co-founder of Vaperun, the same day vape shop. In 2013, I was struggling to find work and having quit smoking through vaping, I made the gamble to open a vape shop. I didn’t know a great deal more than the basics, but I knew this was the future of smoking cessation. I knew that burning tobacco would one day be comical to us all. Just as using a typewriter is retro, so will smoking be. 5 years later and it is going that way. My prediction saw our business grow from 1 store to 30, on little more than £5000 initial capital. But it also has seen the likes of Marlboro, state that by 2020 they want over half their revenue to come from e-cigarettes.

It’s just great customer service

As 2019 came we continue to look for new vape shops in our Vape and Juice brand. We see others closing, while we are doing the opposite. It asked us to think:

“What is it that we are doing different? What is working for us?”

The answer is never as simple as one arbitrary answer, but it does fall into one main category; forming lasting experiences. I read a book not so long ago, by an entrepreneur Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos. Their business was an online shoe store and their focus was on communication and delivering happiness. Where some companies would hide their telephone number, they would display it clearly. Where other’s would send customers to switchboards, they would answer all calls in seconds. Tony realised the value of building lasting relationships and creating memories. That information has never left my mind and it’s how we lead our team now. a same day vape shop

Vaperun is the e-commerce innovation that the market needs. Same day vape delivery services are patchy in the UK and service is inconsistent. By adopting a policy of strict national stocking standards and engaging multiple retailers in a way not done yet. We believe we have developed a system that works for them and importantly for you. It’s true other same day vape shops exist, however their websites are unclear and create a confusing experience.

The Vaperun site is built with customer experience in mind, backed by a plan to appeal to your local shop to adopt it locally. You can’t always get to the shops with a hectic schedule, so we make the process of knowing what to buy, how to use it, and how to get it, super easy.

That’s the premise of Vaperun the same day vape shop. That means, super fast delivery but patient customer service.

I keep that book ‘Delivering Happiness’ by my desk and return to it for advice. So on that note, if there is anything you think we can do better, I am always listening.

Thank you for helping us get this far,

David Mason

Co-founder | | Vape and Juice

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